Indie Film Double Feature

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The Great River Film Initiative and Mindframe Theaters presents two short local independent films at Mindframe Theaters on October 24th at 7pm.

Film 1:
The Lounge documentary features an interview with The Lounge’s owners Mary and Phil Love, as well as interviews with several patrons who frequented the bar over the 36 years it was in business. Phil and Mary plan to be present at the showing!

Film 2:
Is It Snowing Where You Are follows nineteen year old Todd Fisher, a freshman in college, through the most complicated day in his life- The day he decided to run away from college. Not drop out, run away. After impulsively leaving in the middle of the night with no plan for where he was going, or how he was going to get there, Todd seeks help from an old high school companion. However, as his reunion goes on, Todd ends up even more lost than before.

The screening is free and open to the public with a suggested donation of $5. Proceeds will go towards creating more local films and a portion will go to support the Great River Film Initiative.

Please help spread the word and support local film productions by coming to see these films!

Tour of the Maker Space!

The Great River Film Initiative checked out the new Dubuque Maker Space at the Carnegie-Stout Public Library!

Here’s the Tour that we went on January 3rd – they have a ton of resources for local filmmakers. They have a pretty decent HD camera that can be rented out, decent audio equipment for voice overs, a green screen that you can use in the space, and 3D printers that you can use to create props and much more!